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Update V9.0

This update contains many changes that recommend starting a new project.

Video Tutorial : https://youtu.be/R2YjBpeAEbs


  • Project updated to Unity 2022.3.21f1

  • Updated Demos

  • Small errors with the editor fixed

UI Manager:

  • ADD: It detects when a window or some element is missing and will give you a message in the console and in the custom editor.

Audio Manager:

  • ADD: Ability to add custom sounds and use them through codes.

  • ADD: Changed the sound editor to not delete the default ones.

Game Manager:

  • ADD: Drag and Drop Character Prefabs.

  • ADD: updated Character list, it is easier to add and delete characters.

Pattern System:

  • ADD: Drag and Drop Bulding Prefabs.

  • ADD: Drag and Drop Items Prefabs.

ADS Manager

  • New tab to add Unity advertising to the scene, each configuration is valid for the selected scene this way you can choose where to see advertising or not.

  • Possibility of adding Banners, rewards videos and instertitial.

  • Animated window for random rewards when playing.

  • Works for Android and iOS

In App Purchasing

  • New tab to add in-app purchases.

  • You can have items with real money and with in-game currency

  • Compatibility with all stores (Android, IOS, Windows, Mac)

Update V8.5.2

  • Project updated to Unity 2022.3.16f1

  • Small errors with the editor fixed

  • Updated Demos

Update V8.5.1

  • Fixed a bug in the shop that did not update player data when updating a stat.

  • The "Hero" window has been redesigned, the character is now displayed correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that did not display the price correctly on the magnet item.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the high score panel to remain active after reviving the player.

Update V8.5

This update contains many changes that recommend starting a new project. General

  • The DirectionInput public method has been added. You will be able to control the character with third-party plugins, the necessary information will be added to the Online documentation.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the follower enemy to capture the character when finishing the special item.

  • Fixed a bug in the demo scene that caused multiple Null reference chain errors.

  • Redesigned demo

  • A Best Score Banner has been added: this banner will show the best score and will indicate how much is left to beat it, you can configure when you want it to appear.

Upgrade System (New)

  • An upgrade system called stats system has been added to the characters.

  • Each upgrade is unique to each character.

  • You can configure the initial amount, maximum amount and the price of the upgrade.

  • Includes customizable windows.

  • Includes custom editor.

Pattern System

  • Added the option to clean the floor when falling from the rocket.

  • Added the number of floors that need to be cleaned.

  • Added a public method in Pattern System: HidenObjectInPatterSystem();

This method cleans the floor, you can call it in your personalized codes when you need it. Shop System.

  • Small bugs have been fixed

  • Redesigned windows.

  • Includes the new Stats System.

Update V8.0.1 (HotFix)

  • Fixed a bug with some missing "Player" prefabs in the demo.

Update V8.0

WEBGL DEMO 8.0 (If the new demo (8.0) does not appear, clear the browser cache.)

This update contains many changes that recommend starting a new project.

  • The demo was completely redesigned.

  • All scenes were redesigned.

Here the most important changes:

  • Redesigned editor

  • Improved stability

  • Option to enable or disable keyboard/touch

  • The player's maximum speed is locked.

  • Bug fixed: the player disappears and the world does not generate.

Game Manager:

  • Added option to add only the 3D controller (character) and avoid adding FBX models.

Main Camera:

  • Added a fade-out panel or transition screen between reloads in the same scene, fully customizable.

  • Added option to enable or disable the character in the UI, this allows the character to be displayed in windows.

Level System:

  • Added sounds and effects when earning a star.

  • The game ends when you get 3 stars.

  • Automatic level generation systems (Redesigned).

Follower Enemy: (New)

  • Added option to add a follower enemy (fully customizable).

  • The enemy will chase the player until he crashes more than 3 times.

  • Customizable player distance.

  • Customizable sound.

  • Includes editor, easy to create a new enemy.


  • Added shortcut for shield element

  • Added shortcut for special item

Special Items: (New)

  • Allows the player to be transferred to another Pattern System (World or Level)

  • Includes pattern system.

  • Allows you to modify the time the player spends in the scene.

  • Includes customizable animations.

Rocket Items:

  • Added new customizable animations.

  • Includes customizable pattern system.

  • Now you can place objects in the air, such as enemies, obstacles or whatever you want.

UI Manager:

  • All windows were redesigned.

  • New High Score window

  • Option to enable or disable players in UI.

Curved World:

  • Improved performance.

Audio Manager:

  • Added new audio for the special items.


  • Added a new pool system, unused objects are disabled in the scene, allowing for higher performance.

  • Objects grouped and hidden in hierarchy.

Pattern System:

  • Completely redesigned pattern system.

  • The game loads faster.

  • No more mistakes of the lost world.

  • New Pattern system for item rocket

  • New pattern system for special items.

  • Added option to switch sky between special and default object.

  • New floor, to switch between special and default item.

  • New option to change the Y position of each element, now you can modify the elements in different heights and positions.


  • New editor, it's now easier to create a character with the new editor.

  • It is recommended to update and verify each character.

  • New special article

  • New animations for special items.

  • New animation for the rocket object.

  • Now the character can hold the magnetic object, includes new animations.

  • All animations were redesigned.

Update 7.3

  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to ride the rocket to infinity.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to disappear and the counter to continue.

  • Fixed a bug where hitting an obstacle and having the shield and hoverboard equipped would remove the hoverboard.

  • New Editor UI Manager, you no longer need to edit the windows in each scene, a single configuration and changes are applied to all scenes.

Update 7.2

  • Fixed an issue where the 3DItem script could not be found when saving the player.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the sound window to not apply settings correctly.

  • The default sound level is added when you first open the app.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the pause button to not activate correctly after the rocket element.

  • Added new Shield Item

  • The Shield Item is activated when the player is saved for a customizable time (This way it prevents the player from losing instantly when saved)

  • New custom editor for Items, now it is easier to customize Items.

  • Minimun Unity 2022.3.7f1

Shield Item:

  • Makes the player immortal for the established time.

  • Includes effect and time settings.


  • Unity 2022.3.7f1 or higher (LTS version only)

Update 7.1

  • Small Bugs Fixed

  • Minimun Unity 2022.3.7f1

  • Improved performance

  • Updated Offline Documentation


  • Unity 2022.3.7f1 or higher (LTS version only)

Update 7.0:

Youtube Trailer

  • Completely modified editor.

  • Project upgraded to Unity 2021.3.27f1.

  • Complete Redesign: We recommend starting a new project, do not update without saving your files.

The template has changed a lot, now you can create the best 3D running game, here are some of its main improvements:

Curved World:

- Added Fully functional Curved World Shaders.

- Added Configuration in the Editor.

- Added Configuration by Scene.

General Changes:

- New Settings window: options to increase and decrease volume

- New Animations: Run, Right, Left, Jump, Double Jump, Fall, Stay, Die, Hoverboard, Rocket in total 17 new animations

- New Redesign of the windows.

- Deleted Store scene, the store was integrated into the main scene.

- Reorganization of the Template.

- Multiple bugs fixed.

Main Scene:

- Complete Redesign

- Added Audio Manager: allows you to configure the sound of the scene.

- Added Ui Manager: edit all windows

- Added Shop Manager: A complete shop system for characters, hoverboards and items.

- Added option to deactivate and activate the curved world, now it will be easier to edit using the curved shader.

- Removed the decoration

- Removed the need to have a player item

- UI Manager improved, now it is easier to edit the windows.

Game scene:

- Removed the initial decoration, now the game starts on the first frame generated.

- Added option to deactivate and activate the curved world, now it will be easier to edit using the curved shader.

- Added movable obstacles from the editor.

- Building objects: guide objects were removed and gizmo guides were added, the script was redesigned, now it is easier to create buildings.

- Audio Manager: added configuration window to increase and decrease volume.

Pattern System:

- Complete redesign

- Fixed a bug that did not display colors correctly

- Now you can create multiple scenes with different pattern system.

- Bigger buildings.

- The number of items has been reduced: now there are only 3 lines: Right, left and center.

-Level System

- Added star system is automatic and easy to use.

- Complete redesign.

Update 5.1:

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